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“Roots” or Origins of the Jordan Rozwadowski Family

According to historical sources not fully substantiated, the Jordan-Rozwadowski family originates from the Jordan family – one of the wealthiest families in Poland during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. The Jordans owned huge estates in Małopolska (Little Poland). Surnames ending in –ski first began to appear at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Previously it would be simply stated from which place someone originated – this applied only to the landed gentry (posesionatus).

Jan Jordan from Zakliczyn (during the reign of King Zygmunt I) probably obtained Rozwadów Wielki (Great Rozwadów) near Mikołajów on the Dniester River (before WWII in the Stanisławów province, district (powiat) Żydaczów), currently the Mikołajewski district of Lviv region). Probably from this time he wrote his name as Jan Jordan Rozwadowski from Wielki Rozwadów…It is however, incorrect to state that the roots of our family stem from Rozwadów on the San River – which town was founded in the 17th century by Gabriel Rozwadowski! There are also theories suggesting that all Rozwadowskis come from Wielki Rozwadów in the Łukowski district, but those Rozwadowski use the Rogala Coat of Arms, whereas all the Rozwadowskis from the Sandomierz and Halicz trunks and Łukowski branch, and Lubelski and Tuchowski lines – always used the Three Bugles crest and indicated that they originated from the Jordan Family.

The Family Jordans from Zakliczyn from Wielki Rozwadów Rozwadowskis takes its origin as Rozwadowskis from the mid 16th century. The indicators are: signature of Jan Jordan, lord of the manor in Rozwadów; statements of heraldists and investigators: Niesiecki and Bobrowicz (…one district or family with the Jordans”) & Żernicki – “Polish Gentry” German edition.

  • JAN JORDAN ROZWADOWSKI from Zakliczyn had three sons. Paweł was the ancestor of the Halicz branch (named from Halicz on the Dniester River). Andrzej (actually his son Stanisław) was the founder of the Sandomeirz branch – since most of the landed possessions belonging to the Rozwadowskis were in the Sandomierz region.
  • PAWEŁ–JÓZEF, son of Jan Jordan from Rozwadów, married to a Skrzetuska, coat of arms Jastrzębiec (Hawk); moved to Ruś and probably founded Rozwadów on the Dniester (no trace of which remains). His descendants (Halicz branch) rose to greta prominence in the Halicz region – in the church at Błaskowice in the 19th century one could read an inscription: “Rozwadowskis of Three Bugles, a family most noteworthy in the Sejm, the senate, the land, and Church.”
  • ANDRZEJ second son of Jan Jordan from Rozwadów, brother of Paweł, High Steward (podstoli) of Łuków, judge in Lublin, married to Sobieska from Świerszczyn, daughter of Łukasz, and aunt of King Jan III Sobieski, is the ancestor of the Sandomierz Branch.
  • ALEKSANDER was probably the third son of Jan. Nothing is known about him, similarly with Jan’s three daughters. Paweł and Andrzej are mentioned in documents from Warszawa, Lwów, Sandomierz, documents from the Dominican Monastery in Bar in 1598 and 1650. “Andrzej son of Jan of Wielki Rozwadów Rozwadowski, brother of Paweł from the time of King Zygmunt August. He left behind Stanisław, who had a son Maciej…”
  • According to the latest research Andrzej had a second son – MICHAŁ born in 1604 – probably the ancestor of the Tuchów branch!
  • STANISŁAW son of Andrzej had a son Maciej whose son was IGNACY – father of Colonel KAZIMIERZ, from whom our so-called Colonel’s line originates.

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Family history – Roots