In Nowostawy 1930-1939

construction of a weir on the river Wisznia, 1932
Brothers – Wincenty and Jan are watching the construction, 1932
Construction of the house, 1933
At the weir construction
Anna Rozwadowska on the weir with a dog
Nowostawy, house from the main entrance
Nowostawy, 1938
Nowostawy, winter 1939
Bartek in year…
At the channel, Bartek with Iza
Swimming in Wisznia near weir, Bartek with Jadzia
On the hunt, Hruszowice 1936, Bartek and Henryk Potocki
The hunt for hares
Waiting for ducks…
Rafał on the lawn
Erazm in 1933
Erazm in 1938
At the ponds…
Nowostawy, in front of the main entrance, 1938-1939
Bridge – Wincenty, Bartek, Hania and Edmund Jurystowski
Bartek in Kosowica, 1937
Dog training
On the terrace in Nowostawy - Janina (wife of Tadeusz), Bartłomiej, Edmund Jurystowski and Anna Rozwadowska
Bartek, thirties…
with dogs…
In Nowostawy 1930-1939